Sunday, August 26, 2012

Thomas the train

My son LOVES Thomas the train. He is been asking for a Thomas party , 3 month prior to his birthday, which was really nice and helpful. I knew what he wanted and i had plenty of time to prep for it. Of course i looked for ideas online and found several neat ones on Pinterest. I love that site. It is very helpful and creative.

The invitation:

I found a ticket invitation online and used paint shop to edit it then i added the words that i want to add. The invitation says:

All Aboard
Chugga Chugga Choo Choo
Jump on the trucks and chug on over
for cake, ice cream, and more…
our little conductor is turning 4!
Mrs. Conductor is waiting to take you
on the Magic Railroad to the Island of Sodor.
Come help us celebrate.
It will be great. 
Departure Date , Departing from, Boarding Time, Departure Time
Aiden's Station is located at (address)
Please reserve your seat at (phone #)

Font used on tickets is OCR

I used a red card stock. I cut as a rectangle. Then i used  the conductor pattern to make a pocket and insert the ticket in it. I also used name tags and i put the guest's names on it. I added a wallet size picture of my son as a souvenir.


The Entrance:
I used black electrical tape on the driveway as train tracks. I added Rail road sign and the lights. I used card stock to do that. Instead of saying rail road, it was "Happy Birthday Aiden". 

On the door, I added a sign says " All Aboard, Welcome to the Island of Sodor" and put a poster picture of the Island.

I purchased some Thomas the train  danglings. I also added a banner. I wanted inside to look good as outside because i was serving the food inside and it was hot outside. I didn't expect everyone to be outside all the time. 
He is telling me "Stop Sign" :)

The yard:
I ordered a conductor costume for my son from Amazon. It was on sale for $6.00 (included the costume, engineer cap, gloves and red bandanna). I didn't even pay shipping because my husband has the prime account. Can't beat that price, right?! :):)

I took few pictures of my son. One he was holding tickets and the other he was carrying luggage. 

I wanted to make a station. I used a tri display fold. On top I added a clock that says 1'oclock (when the party starts). Then, i wrote "Sweet's Station".  I also, wrote "platform 4" (because he was turning 4). I made two windows on each side and a door in the middle. I used red electrical tape for that. I put a picture of my son holding  tickets in one window and wrote"Tickets". On the other side, i put the other picture of him carrying luggage and wrote "baggage Claim". I saw this done some where else and i loved it. The way i did it, is smaller and simpler though . I changed minor things as well. 

I did a sweet table. The table cloth was red. Did tracks in the middle. Then i used his Easter Thomas basket (from Target) as the first part of Thomas the train, then i added some carts behind it. (switched colors between red and blue). They were white boxes from party city. It was less than a dollar the box. I painted them then I filled them with candy and named the candy, train theme items.  

Logs for pretzels
Coals for black lickerish
Gravel for grey chocolates shaped like rocks.
Train smoke for Cotton Candy or marshmallows
Cho Cho Chewy  pops for train shaped suckers.  
Diesel/fuel for the ice chest that has the drinks.
Train tools for spoon, forks and knives 
I added a luggage on the side and put the party favors inside it.

So, i forgot to take a close up picture at the party. This one was prior to the party by few weeks.

I did 2 huge characters out of colored tri fold displays. One was Thomas and i put it at the front of the table with a blue table cloth as if the table is part of the train. The second was  James and i used a red table cloth. I used those two because i was using red and blue for my party theme. I have the faces on my Pinterest board. If you are not a follower and you want them, send me a message and i will send it to you. 

I also added a back ground scenery for picture time.

I made Thomas the train for my son to ride. I took the idea from this blog. The blog explains in details how to do it. I just didn't do it as a costume. I did it for him to ride. I also used red electrical tape for the details instead of construction paper. I put it as part of the decorations and for all the kids to ride and for picture moments.  

I also printed some pictures online of the trains on a card stock and put them on the posts

I ordered some wooden trains from factory direct craft. It was o.47 cent a piece.  I let the kids paint them. 

They played pin the number 1 on Thomas. 

I asked a party character that i used couple of times before as a princess for my daughter's birthday parties, if she could come over as a conductor. She didn't have a conductor package or costume but she made up a package for me . I love working with her. She is very affordable and professional. 

She did face painting and games for the kids.

The kids had a blast!!

I ordered the main cake because last time i did a cake, it took me all day long but i did a small cake for my son. He is allergic to eggs and can't have cakes, cup cakes...etc . He requested to eat a cake on his party and it just broke my heart. So i decided to make one for him. This is my first time to use fondant.

Party favors:
I bought boxes looks like a train and put Crayons, tatoos and small coloring sheets in them. I also ordered an engineer caps, train whistles and red bandanas from oriental trading. Wrapped the cap and whistle inside the bandana and added a name tag for each child. Made them feel more speacil.

"Little conductors" All the kids with the caps, scarf and whistles

Thank you for stopping by. I love to hear what you think.I read every single comment and they make my day!