Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Tangled Birthday party

The minute my daughter saw the movie " Tangled" She fell in love with it. She is so girlie and she loves all princess. She wanted a "Tangled party". I couldn't find a lot of items out there yet. So i decided to do my own.  I looked online for ideas. I used some of them, changed others a bit and added my own. I started two month in advance. I tried to do everything by hand as much as i could. It just feels more special.


I used purple card stock and fold it as a card. I cut the top as a triangle shape to resemble the tower. On the front , i cut a window and i glued a rock paper design (from the internet)on the whole thing to give a feeling of the tower look. Inside, i  also glued a rock paper design. The third page was my daughter's picture and the party info which as follows:

Once upon a time, in a beautiful tower, not far away,
the kingdom was summoned for a special day!
Please come, let down your hair and get tangled in fun for 
Anastasia's 7th Birthday!
Your presence is requested on (date and party info)
The back said "RSVP and my info". 

I braided a small yellow braid with yellow yarn and glued it as if it is coming out from the window in the tower on the front.


Our walk way to the house: My daughter drew with chalk on the ground  some yellow suns from the movie.

The Entrance door: I found a picture of Rapunzel peeking from another party blog. I added a braided yarn and "Birthday"sign on the door.  Here is the link for the picture.

Note: You will need at least 1 person to help you to do the braided yarn. I had my husband and my daughter helping me.  

Inside: I printed "wanted Flynn Rider " poster and placed it around the house.

In the back yard: 
- Banners: I cut purple card stock as triangles and glued  in the middle yellow sun from Tangled movie. Here is a link  for the sun template. And here is another one. If you don't want to do a lot of work and you don't mind using a lot of your printer ink,  Here is a ready made ones.
- I also did lanterns. Here is a link for a template for it, but i didn't use this one. I only used yellow card stock and glued purple sun  on it.
- I did a big braid made of yarn hanging out from the top and going over the table on the center .On the table, I made a TOWER. I used the template from here but didn't do the exact thing. I added my own creativity. This site has other things too, you might find interesting for your party.
- I made a corner saying "Tangled Hair Salon." with a table and two  chairs. I decorated it with small mirror, hair brush and confetti. This was for Rapunzel character later on.
- I purchased a Rapunzel Scenery for picture time. 


- I purchased from Oriental trading (item #IN-57/6095) , some lanterns  to paint them. Rapunzel loved to paint and she painted Lanterns on her wall. This was one of the activities. Every body loved it including the adult. This is site is very affordable.

- We also, did pin the pan on Flynn's face.  Here is the printable frying pans link. And here is the link for the poster. I drew it on a big card board though.

Notice Anna's hair?!! I did a braid with tinny flowers to represent Rapunzel's hair

- I also added a sign says "Tangled Art Studio" , and i hung braids from the top of it. At  the end of each braid, i attached a marker. Each child did a  hand print on it and the kids signed under their hand print and wrote a comment for my daughter. 

- Rapunzel Character came and did make up for the girls, face painting for the boys, played with them some games, did craft  and stayed to blow the candles on the cake with them. She is very good and affordable. I used her last year as well.

                                   Rapunzel lend Anna a dress                                   Make up time for all kids

                                                    Craft with Rapunzel

                                               Games with Rapunzel

                                     Blowing the candle with Rapunzel

There was another idea but my daughter didn't care for it very much and i thought it is more aimed to younger kids but i decided to share it with you guys, in case anyone likes it and want to use it. Basically use yellow streamers and tangle all the  kids together with it (as Rapunzel tangled Flynn in the movie). Also if you want activity kit, you will find it here.


The cake was made by a friend of mine. She is very talented. I looked online for ideas and sent her a picture of what i wanted. Half was vanilla and the other half was Chocolate. The tower part itself took 5 hours from her. She did an awesome job. I can't thank her enough.

Party favors: 

I went and  bought small plastic pans from the dollar store. I filled them with necklaces, rings, brushes and bracelets for the girls. Telescope, horses, whistle, etc for the boys (the horse to represent the horse in the movie. I tried to stick to the theme as much as i could). I also made charms for them. Here is the link of how to do the charms. I found Rapunzel bookmarks online, so i thought that will be nice as well.

I put the pans in a transparent party bags and used publisher to do " Thank you for coming"  labels.
Girls party favor

Boys party favor

The kids had a blast. It was all worth it when you see the smile on your child's face.

Most of the kids (I had 24)

Thank you for stopping by. I love to hear what you think. I read every single comment and they make my day!

Sunday, January 1, 2012

Cars Birthday Party

For my son's 3rd birthday party, I did the theme" Cars". He is in love with anything with wheels. I skipped his 2nd birthday party and i really wanted to give him a party that he will enjoy and love this year. 


I looked online for a picture that i can use for his card and i can edit easily on paint shop. The wording was as follows:

Beep! Beep! Vroom! Vroom!
Boys and girls grab your tickets and Start your engines and race on over
to Radiator Springs to help Aiden celebrate his 3rd Birthday!

Step on the gas and don't be late .We are going to celebrate!

Aiden has zoomed through his3rd year. Racing his way to his 4th year!
Come, fill Up your Tanks with Food and Dessert.
Gates open (party info)


I had a 50% coupon from party city and i went and got some decorations from there. I added a small door banner on the entrance door says" greeting from Radiator Springs" I found it online. I printed it on 4 pages to make it a big poster and taped it together. I also printed street signs on card stock and placed it all over the house. I didn't have yellow cones but if you have access to some, you can use those for decorations as well.


Because it was in August and the weather was so good, i did water party. My mom bought for him a couple slides. One from toys r us was $12.00 and the other was $35.00 from Amazon. I intend to use them every summer for the kids. They love to play in the water.  I also did the pinata, full of candy :):)

Princess Birthday Party

For My daughter's 5 Birthday party, she wanted "Princess" theme. She wanted to celebrate with all her class but i didn't really want to invite all of them to her party. I purchased a cookie cake from Sam's Club and delivered it to the school and everyone celebrated there. If you don't know, Sam's Club cakes, cup cakes and cookie cakes are $18.00 only and they taste good. They have a lot of themes as well. I used to do the cakes for each party but it was time consuming and it end up more expensive than Sam's club. 

She is standing here with some of her friends in the school

For her party at home;

The invitation:

I looked for a picture online and used paint shop to adjest things and add my text. Here is the test:

Hear Ye, Hear Ye!, all knights and princesses of the land are invited to a royal celebration in honor of Her Royal Highness Princess Anastasia's 5th Birthday. The royal celebration will begin at 1:00 pm on the 13th of February 2010. The king and Queen asked that you come dressed as your favorite princess, prince, knight or fairy royal attire....
The royal cook has prepared a feast of goodies for the celebration....there shall also be festivities including a royal ball, games and fun for all....the excitement will heighten during the defeat of the royal pinata. Have your carriage arrive for you at the Tardie's castle. (address)Please RSVP with the Queen at --- if you plan to attend this royal ball...

The castle needs to plan for your arrival. This is a magical celebration not to be missed!

Then i rolled it and closed it with a ribbon.

We did pin the princess on the castle. It is a version of pin the tail on the donkey. We also did the pinata. Every body loves candy and they go crazy over it.

My husband had just put a play ground for our kids and all the kids wanted to play in the playground.  A $1200.00 play ground set, costed us only $300.00. I  Love my handy husband :):) and It will last till the kids grow up. 

Dora the Explorer Birthday Party

For my daughters 3rd birthday, she wanted a Dora party. She LOVES Dora. I started couple of month early, preparing and thinking of ideas. 


            I made my own on the computer. I scanned a map from one of my daughter’s books. I used paint shop to change things. I added a clipart picture from the internet of a calendar showing the date and another clipart of a clock showing the time.  There were already a picture to a house full of balloons, I left it as it is. On the top, next to the map picture, I wrote: “If there is a place you want to go, I’ve got what you need to know. I’m the map, I’m the map, I’m the map. Anastasia is turning three. For details turn to me. I’m the map, I’m the map, I’m the map”. On the bottom, I put my daughter’s picture with Dora character, we took when we went to universal studio and wrote:  Come on vamanous, everybody, let’s go! Find your way to my fiesta! It will be fantastica! Map is here to show the way… to my birthday all the way. Then I printed it on Granite Cream color card stock.  I printed from, map’s eye borrows, eyes and month. Cut it and glued it at the back. I purchased a mailing tubes from eBay and rolled the map and put it inside and mailed it.



we made the party in one of my father's in law RV parks(He owns 6) in the club hose. The place was not that pretty for a party but it was a lot of space. So i purchased the Dora scenery and some Dora table cloth and balloons. I also made big shaped stars, with different colors of poster board; put it on the floor, from the entrance door to the table. I gluedtiny stars inside Like the ones from Dora's show.