Monday, March 16, 2015

Candyland Party


I got the idea of the invitation from pinterest. Two card stocks and i used publisher to do this invite. Ribbon and cake pop sticks were purchased from Walmart. 

The invite says:

Youll love what
we have in store.
We think it will be just grand
If you come celebrated
Anna's 10th birthday in 

The address, time and date was at the back. 

Here is the back card stock. Feel free to download it and use it. 

I  always like to do something in the entrance. So i made this sign and everyone thought it is really cute.

The stickers for the letters were purchased. Then i added my daughter's picture and created a lollipop. I played on words. Instead of "Welcome to Candyland". I did "Welcome to Anna land" , my daughter's nick name.

There were different colors of card stock all the way to the door and lollipops made of pool noodles.

The yard:

I wanted little figurines from candyland to be on my tables but i couldn't find them and what i found was too expensive. So i decided to make them. I purchased  Styrofoam balls from walmart, cut them in half and painted them different colors. Then I downloaded pictures of all the characters. Used paint-shop to print them, one regular and one like a mirror . Print, cut, hot glued them with a BBQ skewer in between. 

What's around the tables is just a candyland banner. 

I also added a small candy bar. 

Those candy decorations were made of pool noodles and wrapped with tissue papers. Logos were printed, cut and glued.

I did a real candyland game used different colors of card stock. The dice was made of a box and used the same card stock , cut and glued on the box.

Peppermint Forest:

Those were made of also pool noodles from the dollar store, duct tape from Home Depot and the curve was secured with fishing pole.  The circles were stickers taped on thick card board and cut. All were secured in the ground with BBQ skewers.

Lollipop woods:

Also made of pool noodles, duck tape around it. Then hot glued it. The stick is a dowel from Home depot and i sprayed it white. Then i wrapped it with cellophane and put a bow.

Gumdrop Mountains:

The big ones are made of thick card board. The small ones are sand bucks and sprayed with silver glitter. 

All signs are printed, glued on thick card board and cut.

Then they all got candyland tiaras and the boys got hats.

The next game was twister and i got it from Oriental Trading. 

I always like to hire a character for my parties. The load is less on me and i get to enjoy fellowship as well. 

Face or makeup painting

Some girls with the lollipop character

 This game is guess what candy it is:

 Candy says instead of Simon says

 Ring toss

 Making candy bracelets

The cake:

I ordered the cake plain and i decorated it with candy. The lollipops are candles.


The party favors were purses, has tooth brush and before they left they filled the purse with more candy. For boys, it was candyland boxes.

After your big sugar rush, don't forget to brush brush brush

Sunday, February 23, 2014

Frozen Birthday party

The movie just came out few weeks ago and My husband and I took the kids to see it. My daughter fell in love with it that she requested her party to be frozen. There was not much online as the movie is so new and I had hard time purchasing a lot of the stuff and hunting it down.


I used a picture online and use paint shop to edit and add the text.
In a magical kingdom beneath a blanket of white
lives a princess who's full of delight
Her ice castle is ready for you
for this princess is so true
The gates are open
as we celebrate
princess Anastasia's Birthday
Do you want to build a snow man?
come on let's go and play
Hitch a ride on a snowflake and come celebrate with us
because some people are just worth melting for.



I purchased snow flakes from oriental trading and put it on the ground in the Entrance. I was intending to add icicles but the store was out of stock.

I also made a wreath. Basically it is a card board cut in a circle shape. I added a picture of my daughter with Elsa and Anna from our Disneyland visit. I also added cotton. I wrote " The gates are open" from the movie and her name.

I added signs on the door handle. I got it from a site online. I have it on my pinterset. I can email it to you if you couldn't find it. One from the front and the other from the back.



My color theme was white and blue. Everything purchased is either from party city after a long hunting or oriental trading.

The scenery is a generic one and I added Olaf sticker on it.

I only made 2 table center pieces. Olaf is not my idea, I saw it on pintreset and I loved it. It is made from pillow stuffing and glue spray.

The other, is from a round Styrofoam. Elsa is a printed picture from online. I used BBQ sticks to make stand.  

Back drop

I made 3 games for the kids to entertain them before Elsa joins the fun.
1- Do you want to build a snow man.
I divided the kids into two teams. Team Elsa and team Anna. I made a dice from a white gift box, added eyes, hair, arms, nose, eyes and buttons. I purchased 3 different sizes Styrofoam balls. Stuck them together with a BBQ sticks and mounted them on foam board. The game who can build the snowman faster. The kids from each team, take turns to roll the dice.

2- Ring toss on the snow flake.

I printed a snow flake like a poster (in the printer settings). Traced it on foam board. It has to be really thick to hold still. Cut it. I drew the top shape on another foam board but thinner one and cut it. I cut an opening in the middle of the snow flake and attached the other part. (like a puzzle)

Foam board was purchased from hobby lobby.

3- Snow ball fight.

we did this game later. Right before the cake with Elsa the character. I used the left over pillow stuffing and the spray glue (from Olaf) and did fake snow balls. We don't get any snow in California :). The kids had a great time doing it and the adult played it too.

They all were winners and received Elsa and Anna's Crowns. For the boys, Reindeers.

Fun with Elsa:

Blow the candles:

Party Favors:
I purchased fleece from Joan's. I wanted one with snow flakes or Frozen but I couldn't find. It is very easy to make. A friend of mine taught me how to do them but you will find a lot of  tutorials on you tube. Just remember always use Joan's coupons. It saves tons of money and they can use more than one in one purchase :)

 This video below was my favorite part from the party :)

The kids had a blast and the grown ups too :)