Saturday, June 16, 2012


My friend called me the night before her son's party asking me to help her with games. She didn't have time to prepare much. I wasn't sure that i can do it in this time frame. I didn't want to disappoint her and i wanted to do something for her. Then finally, i had the idea to do treasure hunt. It took me along time to put the clues together. It was 9:30 pm. I was tired, had a long day and the next day was going to be long for me too. She was doing it in a park and in an area that is far from the play ground too.

The theme was superheroes. So, i looked online for all superheroes pictures. I used paint shop to edit them and then i added my clues. I printed them on card stock.

Here are my clues:

1- In the front, you'll find a tree. If you look all around, it's a clue you will see. 
Answer: Tree

2- Jump for Glee when you find clue # 3. By the sidewalk it will be.
Answer: Sidewalk

3- You'll have a clue to keep and to hold. If you go to a place where you keep drinks cold.
Answer: ice chest

4- Go to where the fire gets hot. It's black and metal, like a pot.
Answer: Grill

5- on top of me you put your plate. Now under me go find your clue.
Answer: table

6- It's a clue the you want, a clue that you seek.. Go to the bushes and take a close peek.
Answer: bushes

we hid a treasure chest in the bushes

I had a treasure box from one of my kid's birthday parties that i got from City plus. I took it with me to the party. My friend did caps for the kids and i did superheroes masks that i printed and cut from a link online.

The kids loved it. Here are a sneak peak of the treasure hunt.

Found the Treasure Chest

My daughter and her friend. Super heroes!!

My Super hero son

Group picture with the capes and the masks

I think i did good in this short time. What do you think?!

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