Sunday, January 1, 2012

Tinker Bell Birthday Party

The invitation:

I looked online for a picture of tinker bell that i can use for the invitation. Most of the time, i use paint shop to edit, crop, add anything i want in the invitations.  My daughter wanted to invite boys as well. So I did it as Tinker Bell and Pirates.
The wording was as follows:
Fairies and pirates did you hear?! Anastasia's birthday party is coming near!
Fairy Anastasia is turning 6... What a magical time it is...
Food, cake, games and fun... to her Tinker Bell party here we come...
All you need is a little faith and trust... We'll supply the pixie dust...
You wish upon a star, your dreams will take you very far...
Our fairy princess has one wish to make, that you will come and celebrate...
The magic starts at 2:00 on Saturday 2/19/11.
Gateway to pixie Hollow is (address)
Dress to impress, perhaps your comfortable princess/fairy best or pirates dress and we hope to see you fairy soon.

Then i printed it and sprayed glitter on the invite.


I had a discount coupon and i purchased plates and napkins that are Tinkerbell. The weather was so bad and it was raining. It was too late to cancel the party and my house is not big enough for 19 kids. So, my genius husband, enclosed the porch with thick plastic from home depot. I have to say, the plastic was a bit pricy but we had to do something fast. I purchased a tinker bell scenery to make it look more nicer.


I started by treasure hunt. I purchased the treasure box from party city. It was not expensive. I think it was $4.00 or $5.00. I put inside it some tiaras and wands for the girls and eye patches and pirate hats for the boys ( i wanted to get swords but i didn't find it at all). I also added some gold coins.

Here are the clues that i used:
1-Inside someone's bag is a clue. If you find it we'll know next what to do! (purse)
2 Knock knock. Whose there? Note: note who? the note you are looking for (Door)
3- I don't go out and play. I just sit here all day. You may have thought how useful i am but mostly your feet just rub me. (under a rug)
4-It is dark and blank. It keeps us warm if we be frank (Fire place)
5-"You're getting closer to finding the treasure. Please help Tinker Bell find it with pleasure. The next clue says: here kids sit and stay. they watch me all day.(T.V)
6-Very have found the last clue! Now here is the next thing you must do. You will find where the treasure does hide...up the stairs see a treasure chest and look inside!"(Up stairs).
I did it exactly as i did the invitation but with the other fairies.

Then they did candy necklaces beading.

Next, we did pinata. Who doesn't love candy! :)

After that, Tinker Bell character came. Let me tell you, she was amazing. The kids had a blast and She has very reasonable prices. She stayed for over 2 hours. She  painted  faces for 19 kids, played games, gave small prizes to the kids  and stayed to blow out the candles. I will defiantly be using her again.

The cake:

It was yummy and pretty :)

At the end, everyone had a blast. My daughter loved every second.

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