Friday, June 21, 2013

Luau Birthday Party

My crazy girl decided she wants a Luau birthday party and her birthday is in winter. I tried to talk her out of it but she really wanted it. So, since we live in California and we hardly have winter, i thought i give it a shot and do it.


I made the invitations look like flip flops. Since purple is her favorite color, so i used purple card stock. punched 3 holes and added a ribbon and a flower.

The invitation says:

The torches are lit
The theme is set..
We're having a luau
you'll never forget..
is turning eight
So, hula on over to celebrate..
Though Hawaii is far away
We'll make palm trees & grass skirts sway..
(Then the party info)



I bought burlap for Joann's. I always use coupons. I got it for only $5.00. I used it for the banner, center pieces for the tables and i had left over too. I used yarn to write "Welcome to Anastasia's  Island". Then my husband helped me to staple it around two posts. 

I did a wreath on the door and i put the umbrellas tooth picks all around it. Printed card stock with "Aloha Happy Birthday Anastasia" and glued it at the back.

The Yard:

Most of the stuff, i bought from the dollar store and oriental trading.  

My daughter had this umbrella when she was little that we bought for her from Disneyland, so i added that too. 

My babies

She wanted so bad a chocolate fountain, so i did the Tiki bar and had the chocolate fountain there.


 I bought some craft. For the boys, color some masks and beach balls. For the girls, make some Luau bracelets. 

I also, hired someone to come as a Hawaiian dancer. This girl is amazing. I use her every year.

Everyone is lined up for make up and glitter

Anna is showing me her make up and tattoos with glitter

lining up and ready to play
She played with them some games

She also taught them how to dance

Group picture with all the kids
She stayed for the cake as well

The kids had a blast and most of all, my daughter had a smile on her face.

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