Monday, January 6, 2014

Superheroes Birthday Party

My son is in love with all the Superheroes but especially Spider man. So I decided, his 5th birthday party will be Superheroes.


I wanted to do the invitation as a newspaper. I found on amazon, the newspaper paper for less than $4.00. I purchased that and I used publisher to create the invitation.

I wrote:
Calling all superheroes
Kaboom, Ba, Pow
It's party time now
Swing on over for web slinging fun
The amazing spidey Aiden is turning five
You have been selected to attend the prestigious Justice League Superhero training camp.

Superheroes came together from far and wide to join this Academy. You don't want to miss it. We have faith in you that you can complete your training and earn your Official training Certificate.

The Entrance:

I did a huge banner, printed it as a poster and cut it and glued it on a card box. My husband put it for me on 2x2 posts. I added few balloons on the side and put black masks that I made.


I did 3 tables. Each table had a center piece and I put varies Superheroes figures from my son toys all over. I purchased two of the center pieces and I made one.

The one I made is the one with his name. I bought a sheet of foam and printed letters on the computer and put it on top and cut the shapes. Then I searched the web for comic book pages, printed and cover the letter with it. I did the base with card board from old boxes and spray painted black.

The covers for the chairs, are bags from oriental trading. My husband and I did a little bit of changes to make it fit.

 I did the buildings from old boxes and spray painted. The squares are sticky notes. The clouds and sun are from oriental trading.

 The games:

I did it as a superhero training academy and the kids need to go through courses (games) to earn their mask, cap and certificate.

Magnificent minds: match the super hero with its logo
Mighty muscle: Show how strong you are

Obstacle course: step on the stones without falling

Super power toss: Aim the ball in the holes
Hulk smash: pinata

Congratulation! you passed all tasks and obstacles and earned your certificate. Now you are an official SUPERHERO

No sew capes. It is fleece material.
My awesome hubby, cut all the capes

After that, the kids got a visit from my son's favorite superhero, spider man 

craft with spiderman

games with spider man

Cake time

I don't have much time to write extra details like before, but if you have a question, please don't hesitate to ask.

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